Aloe Showing Some Sparkle as Novamex Launches Alova in The Fresh Market

Calling it a “new direction” for the company, Mexican beverage marketer Novamex has launched Alova, a new all-natural, sparkling aloe vera drink. Novemex, which produces and sells a range of Mexican-inspired drinks including Jarritos soft drinks and Mineragua water, has gradually expanded its footprint in the U.S. and will look to Alova as a point of entry into the natural channel via growing consumer exposure of aloe and its aura of health and wellness.

“Alova expands our product portfolio, enabling us to reach new consumers via new retail channels,” said Ramon Carrasco, the chief operating officer for Novamex. “Alova targets consumers who want unique, natural and organic based products.”

Alova contains 15 percent organic aloe juice sourced from plants grown on a company-owned farm in Campeche, Mexico, and is sweetened with sugar. The drink has no preservatives or artificial flavors, and is packaged in a proprietary 330 mL glass bottle. Alova will have a suggested retail price of $1.99, according to Carrasco.

Novamex has partnered with specialty grocery chain The Fresh Market, which will be the exclusive retailer of Alova in the U.S. through February 2013. Carrasco noted that The Fresh Market “played an integral role”  development of Alova, including the selection of its three flavors: Cucumber/Mint, Mandarin Orange, and Grapefruit. Mathis Martines, the grocery marketing coordinator of The Fresh Market, praised the partnership and stated that the specialty foods retailer will be the first in the market to carry a sparkling aloe drink.

“Alova targets an upscale, health conscious consumer who wants great taste and something unique,” said Mathis Martines, The Fresh Market’s grocery marketing coordinator.