Bai Makes Deeper Push into California

Bai Brands is expanding the availability of its coffee fruit-infused beverages in California. Today, the company announced a new distribution agreement with Santa Barbara-based Pacific Beverage Company and a retail authorization with premium grocer Gelson’s, which operates 17 locations in Southern California.

Pacific Beverage operates within California’s Central Coast and distributes a range of premium and craft beer products as its primary business. Pacific also carries a limited number of non-alcoholic beverages, with Bai joining an impressive roster of brands, including AriZona, Red Bull, and FRS. According to Bai founder and CEO Ben Weiss, the company’s deal with Pacific “opens the door for us in over 2,500 accounts” including several Ralph’s and Bristol Farms locations.

“Pacific Beverage is a critical piece of the puzzle for Bai as we continue the successful growth and expansion of our DSD business in California,” said Ken Kurtz, the vice president of sales for Bai Brands. “They clearly are a ‘best in class’ company for market coverage in this part of the country.”

Bai’s agreement with Gelson’s is an authorization for the brand’s bai5 line to be sold in all of the grocer’s stores. Gelson’s is known for its focus on superior goods and service, and is likely a key part of Bai’s deal with the company as Kurtz noted that Bai has “seen tremendous growth” from placement in premium and upscale grocery chains. Both Pacific Beverage and Haralambos Beverage Co. will handle distribution of bai5 in Gelson’s.