Beet This! Report Says Beets, Tart Cherries Powering Olympians

It’s probably too late to put together a company combining the two in bottles before Expo East, but according to the New York Times, a lot of athletes at the Olympics this year are turning to beetroot juice and tart cherry juice to improve their performance.

Beet juice has been in vogue in recent months; Outside magazine also has profiled the effects of the product, which is apparently consumed regularly by, among others, 10K champion Mo Farah of Great Britain, because of the belief that it can help Oxygen reach muscles, writes Times blogger Gretchen Reynolds.

There are plenty of veggie shakes out there add a healthy helping of beet, but it’s not clear if there are any pure beetroot plays.

Meanwhile, Reynolds reports, plenty of Olympic athletes are also giving a shout-out to tart cherry juice. The fruit reportedly helps reduce inflammation and eases recovery, a point made frequently by the folks behind tart cherry line CheriBundi, among others.