Beverages Lead List of Most Popular Brands on Facebook

With news of the upcoming Facebook IPO dominating headlines this week, Socialbakers, a social media and digital analytics firm, has released an infographic depicting the top brands on Facebook as measured by the total number of global “fans.” It turns out that beverage companies are doing a pretty good job at engaging their consumers online as three of the top five brands on the list are owned by drink manufacturers. Coca-Cola sits at the top spot with 42 million Facebook fans globally, while Starbucks comes in at number two with 30 million fans. Energy drink giant Red Bull, which has long embraced non-traditional advertising and marketing, has the fourth highest number of fans with 28 million consumers “liking” its brand page on Facebook.

The infographic also shows the top ten countries where brands are engaging their audience, with the U.S. leading the world in that category. Within the list, Starbucks is the top brand when it comes to engaging its Facebook fans in the U.S. and is the only beverage company in the top five.

Here is the Socialbakers infographic in full: