BevNET TV: A First-Hand Look at Expo East 2012

While Natural Products Expo East often gets overshadowed by its massive sister shows, this year’s edition, which featured dozens of entrepreneurial beverage brands, certainly held its own. Offering a mild glimpse of post-recession recovery for natural beverage brands and the industry as a whole, Expo East featured a strong showing from beverage suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers, many of which showcased innovative ingredients and sweeteners seen for the first time at the show. BevNET counted over 24 new beverage brands, line extensions, and new products at Expo East, with formulations that incorporated on-trend ingredients and flavors, including chia, tumeric, lemonade, and cherry juice.

In a slight departure from years past, our video coverage – shot on location at Expo East – offers a first hand look at the show floor over two days at Expo East. In this segment, BevNET CEO John Craven pores over the vast halls of the Baltimore Convention Center to examine new and continuing trends in the natural space, and offer a quick recap of new beverages and revamps all of which signal an intriguing finish for the beverage industry heading into 2013.

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Photos by Carolyn Craven, Staff Photographer