BevNET TV: Trends and New Products at Expo West 2012

The latest Natural Products Expo West show turned out to be the biggest on record with more than 60,000 attendees on hand and over 160 beverage-related exhibitors packing the event. Marching through the vast halls of the Anaheim Convention Center, it was clear that coconut water continued to be the dominant trend in natural beverages. In addition to new brands there were also many new uses for the ingredient including as a blend in coffee drinks and sports and hydration beverages.

In this video, John Craven, the founder and CEO of, and Andrew Guard, a beverage specialist at BevNET, examine other new and continuing trends seen at the show including the growth of alkalized waters and all-natural energy beverages,“refined” refreshment, and the increasing use of chia, oats, and other emerging ingredients in health and wellness drinks. Craven and Guard also take a look at a number of new products and line extensions that debuted at Expo West, including some early front runners for BevNET’s Best of 2012.

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