Cerebellum H2O Selected as the Official Water for Fitness Atlantic 2012

Hoboken NJ — Cerebellum® H2O www.cerebellumH2O.com announced that it has been selected as the official water for the 2012 Fitness Atlantic www.fitnessatlantic.com fitness extravaganza. The Fitness Atlantic is a fitness extravaganza combining Fitness, Bikini, Figure, and Models. It is one of the largest shows of its kind allowing contestants to feel like stars.

The event this year will also feature two individual workout sessions Striver and Warrior Workout with Tony Horton http://fitnessatlantic.com/tonyhorton.htm. Fitness Atlantic and Tony Horton understand the importance of hydration. Hopefully, more and more people will after the striver and warrior workouts, because Cerebellum® H2O as the official water for the live workouts with Tony Horton will be keeping the over 1000 participants fully hydrated so that they can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. According to the brains behind Cerebellum® Beverages, the cerebellum is the second largest part of the brain.

The main purpose of the cerebellum is to process muscle movements and what is actually happening. If a muscle is about to move improperly, the cerebellum it sends its own signals to the muscle to make sure it moves and coordinates properly. Along with the job of making sure the body moves smoothly and is coordinated, the cerebellum also has the purpose of keeping a good posture and balance. This is important for those involved in strenuous physical activities. Water is, of course, one of the most significant resources the brain has to keep it working properly. The brain is actually composed of approximately 80 percent water, therefore water is crucial to our optimal health, and Cerebellum® H2O is specifically promoting water for the well balance of the brain.

According to the Company, research has shown that our brains depend on proper hydration to function optimally. Therefore, not drinking enough water can have detrimental effects on our brains. Brain cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate, and when you lose too much water, that balance is disrupted and the brain cells lose efficiency. Furthermore, research has also shown that when exercising, a drop of as little as 1 to 2% of fluid levels can result in slower processing speeds, impaired short-term memory, tweaked visual tracking and deficits in attention. However with proper hydration, neurons work best and are capable of reacting faster.

For those participating in the workout sessions, drinking Cerebellum®H2O will provide optimal hydration for the workouts designed to better connect your mind and body in coordination and movement.

About CerebelleumH2O

Cerebellum® H2O is a premium all natural water collected directly from a natural source, providing the perfect balance of minerals with a natural pH of 7.9. Cerebellum® H2O will help purge the toxins and acids that build up in the body. The clean, crisp taste of Cerebellum® H2O starts with the natural water source; naturally filtered by the earth. The aquifer which supplies Cerebellum® H2O™ contains what may be the purest water ever. Bottled at the source for purity, the water is never exposed to harmful impurities. Additional information about Cerebellum H2O can be found at the company’s website www.CerebellumH2O.com or by e-mail via H2O@cerebellumBeverages.com.