Energy Drink Companies Too Hot to Buy, Sez NY Post

Monday’s speculation that the Coca-Cola Co., Inc., was possibly taking a swing at acquiring Monster Energy sent The New York Post off in search of further energy drink company speculation.

Too hot? Rockstar

What it came away with was something else entirely, however — an analysis that both Monster and its fierce competitor, Rockstar, might be too racy to be purchased by any of the big beverage companies.

Citing an unnamed beverage company source, the Post said that Rockstar’s image was one that the executive wouldn’t want to get into bed with.

Rockstar has employed Goldman Sachs as a financial adviser since last year; Monster remains only a speculative acquisition target but that hasn’t stopped many investment banks from running the numbers on a possible Coke or Anheuser-Busch/Inbev tie-up.

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