Expo West 2012 Booth Check-In: Zico

With a close eye on consumer feedback, Zico showcased a couple of new products from its crowded booth at Natural Products Expo West. As reported by BevNET last week, Zico launched Zico Latte, a new coconut water and coffee blend as well as two new Tetra-Pak sizes for its popular Chocolate flavor, which had previously been available only in PET bottles.

Zico Latte – a non-dairy blend of coconut water, coffee, and coconut cream – is one of a growing number of coconut water/coffee drinks on the market following last year’s introduction of Coco Cafe as well as the recent debut of Blue Monkey’s Organic Coconut Coffee, a dairy and soy-free beverage. Zico asked individuals who sampled the product to fill out a short survey about their opinions on the drink with questions ranging from enjoyment of flavor to likelihood of purchasing the product.

In this short video segment, BevNET CEO chats with Bill Lange, the vice president of marketing for Zico, about the debut of Zico Latte and how a caffeinated option fits into the company’s line of flavors. Lange also discussed how the addition of a larger size for Zico Chocolate makes sense for younger consumers of the product.