Expo West Intro: ZICO Latte, New Sizes

Zico will be introducing its first caffeinated product when it unveils Zico Latte at the Natural Products Expo West show later this week.

The product, a blend of coconut water from concentrate, sugart, coconut cream, coffee and vanilla, weighs in at 120 calories and has 85 mg of caffeine. The product is expected to officially launch in June — according to Zico’s marketing VP, Bill Lange, several national and regional retailers have already expressed interest.

The product contains no milk; also, it offers a significant calorie discount to Starbucks’ Frappuccino.

Lange called it “the first and only bottled blend of coconut water and coffee.” This is technically true: another coffee/coconut blend, Coco Cafe, is available in Tetra-Pak. (Zico competitor Vita Coco recently acquired a majority stake in Coco Cafe.)

Additionally, Zico is attempting to build momentum off its fastest-growing variety, Zico Chocolate. The company will be rolling out a 1 L Tetra Prisma package of the chocolate variety, as well as an 8 oz. tetra variety with a straw attached aimed for the lunchbox crowd (i.e. kids). That product is expected to move into a “brick” multi-pack later this year, according to Lange.