FRS, Lance Armstrong Sever Ties

Count FRS as one of the companies that has severed ties with cyclist Lance Armstrong in the wake of a recent U.S. Anti-Doping Agency report that revealed him as a chemically-enhanced cheater throughout his career.

FRS: Tired of Armstrong Controversy

A host of prominent product companies, including Nike and Radio Shack, have also ended endorsement deals with Armstrong. But few had as tight an alignment with the cancer survivor as FRS, as the quercetin base of the drink has long been touted for its potential as a cancer-fighting supplement. FRS has been associated with the Livestrong Foundation — which Armstrong chaired until resigning yesterday — since 2007.

Armstrong has been an investor and member of the board of directors for the company, as well as a spokesman and “FRS Ambassador” for several years. He resigned from the board of directors yesterday. According to several reports, Armstrong will no longer be used to help market the products.

Beer maker Anheuser Busch, for whom Armstrong has promoted Michelob Ultra, also said it would not renew its contract with Armstrong following its expiration at the end of the year.