Lifeway Signs New Deal with Target, Dramatically Expands Availability of Kefir Line

Lifeway Foods has announced an agreement with Target that dramatically increases the number of stores that carry its Kefir line. The new distribution deal is Lifeway’s first major expansion in Target in eight years and increases the availability of Lifeway Kefir drinks from 170 to 453 Target locations nationwide. The beverages are sold in the retailer’s Super Target and PFresh concept stores, each of which sell fresh produce and refrigerated products.

The expansion covers a range of flavors and sizes of Lifeway Kefir, a probiotic drink similar to drinkable yogurt, and adds three new flavors of its 8 oz. Lifeway Kefir 4-packs to Target dairy cases. Lifeway stated that the company will increase marketing and advertising of its Kefir drinks to boost awareness and sales among Target’s customers.

“The broader availability of Lifeway Kefir at this major retailer speaks to its growing popularity among consumers… [and] is a strong indication that distribution of our kefir products will continue to expand to new and existing customers, and contribute to significant increases in our long-term sales growth,” said Julie Smolyansky, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Lifeway.