Market Research: Bottled Water Market to Reach $125 Billion by 2015

In a new report on opportunities within the global beverage market, forecasts that sales of bottled water will reach $125 billion by 2015, and that short-term growth in beverages will come from China.  The report, titled “Growth Opportunities in Soft Drinks,” estimates that the market for bottled waters will grow by 4.8 percent annually over the next three years, and become the second fastest growing category behind functional beverages, which are projected to grow by 5 percent and become a $61 billion category.

With most Western nations facing stagnating economies, Market Research anticipates much of the growth in the global beverage market to come from China, where consumer spending has risen dramatically over the past decade. The report expects that the booming Chinese economy will create new opportunities in beverages within the country, and likely enable Chinese drink manufacturers to offer significant competition to global beverage companies.