MiO My! Coke Set to Launch Dasani Drops

Aiming to tap into the lucrative business pioneered by Kraft Foods’ MiO, The Coca-Cola Co. Inc. is set to launch Dasani Drops, a new line of liquid flavor enhancers, according to the Associated Press. Dasani Drops will begin to appear on shelves in early October with a suggested retail price of about $4 for a 1.9 oz. bottle.

With the emergence and stratospheric growth of MiO – the brand reached $100 million in sales in the first half of 2012 – John Roddey, the vice president of Coke’s water, tea and coffee business in North America, told the Associated Press that the cola giant saw the potential of the burgeoning category and began developing its own product line last year. And while MiO’s success led to the creation of a number of private label and store-branded products, Coke will attempt to utilize it vast marketing resources and powerful distribution network to present MiO with its most serious rival to date.

Moreover, Roddey stated that Coke will place Dasani Drops in locations where Danasi water is sold and is hoping to leverage the new product line as way to increase sales of its bottled water products. And while Dasani Drops, which, like MiO, are artificially flavored and contain zero calories, will initially debut with four flavors, Coke said that it may expand the line into other categories, such as tea, sometime in the future.

“I think there’s an opportunity beyond just flavored waters,” Roddey told the Associated Press.