Morgan Stanley: Beverage Prices Up Year-Over-Year

They’ve crunched the Consumer Price Index numbers over at investment bank Morgan Stanley, and the takeaway is this: beverages got more expensive last year, and as the year went on, their costs went up even more.

CSD pricing was up 2.6 percent last year — buoyed by increases that averaged 5.2 percent per month in the last quarter of the year. Meanwhile, juices and other non-carbonated prices increased modestly, according to research analyst Dara Mohesian. Those prices averaged an increase of 3.3 percent per month over the last quarter. According to Mohesian, the CSD pricing represented a sharp acceleration against recent trends.

Both sectors showed their largest pricing increases in December, with CSDs shooting up 6.3 percent and juices up 4.3 percent.

The return to pricing increases — partially driven by ingredient and manufacturing costs — came after those prices had all either declined or stayed at close to the same levels as the year before.

There have been national concerns over rising food and beverage prices as a drag on the country as it tries to emerge from recession.