New Leaf Founder Skae Starts Scout Beverage

Eric Skae, who stepped down last year as the head of New Leaf Brands, the tea and juice company he started and ran for several years, has re-surfaced with a new beverage business consulting practice.

Skae has begun Scout Beverage, a company whose primary purpose is “to build a premium beverage company, focused on incubating and growing a portfolio of high potential, internally and externally branded products.”

Skae, who is still working with New Leaf in an advisory role, has brought on a partner, former investment banker Frank Maher. Together the two will work on consulting projects while potentially starting or acquiring a brand.

“We’re looking at ideas we’ve developed ourselves, and some others that are available and attractive,” said Skae, who has also worked at Fresh Samantha and Naked Juice, among other companies.

The pair will offer advice to companies that may need help with branding, operations, or locating sources of distribution or financing, although, Skae said, they plan to be selective.

“I want to be careful and not take on just any company,” he said. “But there are a lot of companies out there that either lack leadership or financing but have the right idea with their product, and we think we can help them.”