New Vita Coco Lawsuit Filed — In Canada

That report from last August continues to dog coconut water category leader Vita Coco, which settled a class-action lawsuit in New York last month for $10 million.

Word from over the border is that a similar class-action suit was filed in Montreal (yeah, that’s Canada) on Feb. 28. The suit once again compared Consumer Lab’s findings with the wording on the Vita Coco label, particularly phrases like “super hydrating” and “mega electrolyte.”

Vita Coco CEO Mike Kirban has disputed the study in the past, and dismissed the lawsuit as “a guy who does copycat suits of U.S. settlements.”

“Once again, he added,”We’re confident that the outcome of a legal battle would result in a dismissal of their case but lawyers are looking to make a quick buck (now I know why they’re the target of so many jokes). We barely sell in Canada so the class that is being claimed is minuscule. Not even 1 percent of the U.S. class. That along with the fact that the legal system is quite different from in the US makes us confident that this won’t be a distraction for our business.”