Open Up And Say AhhMIGO… Cap-Activated Drinks Go Natural

Drawing on an increasingly visible packaging format and the wave of demand for new health and wellness drinks, AhhMIGO is a new line of cap-activated natural drinks. Launched earlier this year, the New York City-based company boasts of a proprietary cap that keeps the brand’s “life-enhancing ingredients” fresh until mixed with water.

AhhMIGO’s cap, which the company calls the “Bop Chamber,” took two years to develop, according to Kimberly McConnell, the marketing manager for the company. When pressed, the cap’s internal piercing mechanism tears a foil layer at its base and dispenses two grams of raw, dehydrated, and freeze-dried ingredients into a bottle of naturally sourced spring water. While the product has a shelf life of up to two years, once the dry mix is blended with water, the beverage, which contains no preservatives, must be consumed within 24 hours.

The brand comes in three varieties: Greens, a blend of 64 fruit, vegetable, and botanical ingredients;  Chia, which contains whole, raw chia seeds; and Camu, a blend of dried berries, extracts, and a hint of maple sugar. Each product contains no filters, artificial sweeteners, coloring, or flavoring. The drinks are packaged in 11.5 oz. glass bottles and have a suggested retail price of $2.99.

AhhMIGO is currently self-distributed in over 100 health food stores in metro New York, a majority of which are located in Manhattan, as well as a few other retailers in Brooklyn and New Jersey, and online via its website. While the upstart brand is mainly sold in coolers in small and independent shops, AhhMIGO had gained shelf space in a couple local chains including Organic Avenue, which produces a number of premium raw, cold-pressed juices and juice cleanses programs. AhhMIGO is currently carried by a single Whole Foods location on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, but McConnell said that the company hoped to expand its presence in the country’s largest natural foods retailer in the near future.