Piña Pullback: Zico Changes SKU Names

As a product class, coconut water is heading to the mainstream. But at least one company has decided that, in some cases, the liquid is exotic enough without the extra confusion.

That’s why Zico has rechristened two of its varieties, Piña Tropicale and Tao Mango, with more conventional names.

Pineapple by any other name?

Piña Tropicale is now Pineapple, while Tao Mango is simply Mango.

“People didn’t get it!” noted Mark Rampolla, the brand’s founder and CEO. “Zico’s an exotic enough name and product. We were trying to be cute but don’t think we need it.”

When it comes to exotic introductions, simpler is better, added Big Geyser’s Jerry Reda, who handles Zico in New York.

“You need to keep it simple,” Reda said. “Anytime you do something in an emerging category, it’s important to simplify.”

Zico still lists one of its varieties as Lima Citron. Other than that, it’s all in plain English.