Rabobank’s Colbert: “Better For You” Alternatives Fuel Industry Growth

Calling it “the best of times and the worst of times for the beverage market,” Ross Colbert, global beverage strategist for Rabobank, stressed the importance for retailers and vending operators to take advantage of current trends in the beverage industry to create new sales growth. In a recent article in Vending Times, Colbert explained that consumer demand for healthier and vitamin-fortified products is fueling the growth of “better for you” beverages, particularly in the ready-to-drink tea, bottled water, and functional drink categories. And amidst a weak economy, Colbert noted the growth in private label beverages  as consumers increasing turn toward value-based products in favor of established brand names. Colbert also stated that consumers are increasingly seeking out non-traditional retail outlets for purchases with large growth in Internet retailing leading the way.

You can read the full Vending Times article here.