Snapple Launches Diet Half n’ Half Lemonade Iced Tea

Adding to the growing ranks of lemonade/tea blends, Snapple has introduced Diet Half n’ Half Lemonade Iced Tea, a low-calorie extension of its popular Half ‘n Half flavor. Snapple is hoping that momentum for the burgeoning category will continue, and will promote the launch of Diet Half n’ Half with a national FSI campaign as well as new television advertising and a heavily promoted social media effort.

Diet Half n’ Half Lemonade Iced Tea is a blend of lemonade, green tea, and black tea and is sweetened with sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K). The new product contains 10 calories per 16 oz. serving and will be packaged in Snapple’s iconic single serve glass bottles as well as 32 oz. and 64 oz. PET containers.

As part of the launch for Diet Half n’ Half, Snapple is debuting a new social media campaign and television spot asking fans to offer up their preference between lemonade and iced tea. According to, the TV ad shows office workers arguing as to which flavor is the “best half” of the drink and includes people shown holding up signs with Twitter “hashtags” with one for lemonade (#Lemonade@Snapple) and one for tea (#Tea@Snapple).

Snapple’s introduction of Diet Half n’ Half is one of a number of new products in the segment for lemonade/tea blends, one that has grown extensively in recent months. In addition to Snapple, brands including AriZona, Marley, New Leaf, Herbal Mist, and Ito En, have all created or extended “half and half” product lines over the past year.