Sweet Leaf Wrapup — The Presenters Talk it Out

How long do entrepreneurs wait to raise money, how does an investor ultimately decide if a valuation is reasonable, and what helps to eliminate stresses on a potential partnership. All that, and marriage advice from Austin’s most eligible bachelor.

Those were just a few of the topics that the presenters from Building Sweet Leaf Up and Out tackled as they took questions from the moderator and crowd during December’s BevNET Live in Santa Monica. Previous videos in this series have included presentations from Sweet Leaf founder Clayton Christopher, Catterton Partners investor Michael Farello and Nestle Waters North America CFO William Pearson.

Having walked the audience through all three stages of the tea company’s growth and preparation for sale to Nestle Waters North America, the presenters morphed back into a panel, turning the floor back over to the moderator and attendees.

To hear their advice for beverage entrepreneurs, as well as some of the ways they avoided valuation-related conflicts, please enjoy the video below.