UBS: Monster, Red Bull Rolling Behind Line Extensions

Line extensions are driving major growth for energy drinks in convenience stores, according to analysis of A.C. Nielsen convenience store retailing data provided by UBS analyst Kaumil Gajrawala.

Monster Rehab and Absolutely Zero both hit all-time highs of $21.4 million and $12.9 million over the last 12 weeks, while the addition of Red Bull Total Zero to that brand family was the most likely source of a 30 percent increase in Red Bull sales in the four-week period ending June 9.

The period, which includes all-important Memorial Day weekend, was a reflection of the strength of energy drinks in C-stores, and shows the strong impact of flanker brands on the Monster portfolio in particular.

According to Gajrawala, Absolutely Zero and Rehab are almost 20 percent of Monster’s convenience sales.

Overall, the energy drink business was up nearly 24 percent in the convenience channel, according to Gajrawala.