What Are Common Traits of Successful Beverage Entrepreneurs?

It’s down in the trenches, dirty, and often ugly. That’s the entrepreneurial beverage business, according to Jack Brennan, a managing partner at advisory firm GBS Growth Partners, and a beverage industry veteran with decades of experience in beverage distribution, retail sales, marketing and finance. Brennan, who cut his teeth launching new business ventures in Asia with The Coca-Cola Co., Inc., currently advises early stage companies on growth and development strategies. Brennan believes that beverage entrepreneurs’ success is deeply tied to a blue-collar perspective, a strong understanding of every aspect of their business, and a willingness to seek out and accept advice.

“The entrepreneurial skill set is very different than going into a corporate environment,” said Brennan. “You really have to be resourceful, you’ve got to be able to work 24/7, and be able to do all the ugly work.”

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