What Are The Benefits of High Pressure Processing (HPP)?

As the beverage landscape in America continues to shift toward an emphasis on health and wellness, the use of high pressure processing (HPP), a technology that, unlike pasteurization, uses high pressure instead of heat to inhibit bacteria growth in raw foods and beverages, is eliciting interest among a growing number of entrepreneurs and existing beverage manufacturers.

While only a handful of beverage companies, including Harmless Harvest, Evolution Fresh, and Blueprint Juice, currently employ the use of HPP, an increasing number of retailers – including Whole Foods – and consumers are more frequently calling for use of the technology, one that many claim is the best way to maintain and deliver nutrition and flavors from raw ingredients.

Although HPP represents a premium cost for beverage companies, in this short video segment, Glenn Hewson, the vice president of global marketing for Avure Technologies, which specializes in HPP technology and manufacturing, discussed a few of the technical and regulatory benefits of using HPP to make a raw beverage safe to drink.

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