What Are the Most Effective Ways to Screen Potential Employees?

Screening job candidates is one of the first – and perhaps most critical – parts of the hiring process. It can, however, be very time-consuming and difficult to navigate, particularly for a company with limited resources.

In order to more efficiently manage the screening process, Josh Wand, the founder of BevForce, a staffing agency focused on the beverage industry, suggests that new and entrepreneurial beverage companies front load elimination questions for potential candidates.

“Creating elimination questions, [as in] ‘These are the 10 most important things that I would ask the candidate to answer or respond to,’ prior to speaking to them on the phone, prior to meeting them face to face, could be very helpful to you and save you a lot of time,” Wand said.

Watch this video as Wand discusses more on how to effectively screen job applicants, as well as the benefits and pitfalls of Skype, a web-based video phone service, as a way to communicate with potential hires. And for much more on staffing tips and how to successfully build a team for your company, as well as range of other topics about the industry, visit BeverageSchool.com (subscription required).

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