BevNET TV: Expo West 2013 – Introducing NEO Energy

With its most recent launch, NEO North America is doubling down on its bid to become a significant player in natural beverages.

Among Expo West’s vast sea of products, NEO North America debuted NEO Energy, a certified organic energy drink made with guarana, ginseng, green tea extracts and B-vitamins, fused with electrolytes and sweetened with cane sugar.

Or, consumers can view the product as NEO founder and president Ben Behrouzi describes it: “The same punch as a Red Bull, but without the synthetic and toxic junk.”

NEO also markets a line of high-alkaline and electrolyte-infused waters that the company launched two years ago. Behrouzi is expecting that the health-focused consumer base for NEO Water will, in time, carry over to the energy drink.

In the video above, Behrouzi notes that most energy drinks contain dehydrating qualities, while NEO Energy contains electrolytes for rehydration.

The brand will initially launch NEO in the natural channel, covering markets in New York City, Miami, parts of Ohio and Texas, major regions of California, and Colorado, among others. Behrouzi said that he’s currently in discussions with Whole Foods.

“Every retailer we’ve talked to, or distributor that’s come up, wants to carry the product,” he said. “Now our discussions after the show will show how that translates.”

NEO Energy, which will start at a suggested retail price of $2.79, is packaged in an 8.4 oz. slim can, with a blue and white color scheme that aligns with NEO Water.