Charbay Clear Vodka – Celebrating a Benchmark with a Modern Look

(St.Helena, CA) September 5, 2013 – Charbay, of one America’s most prominent artisan distilleries, has released its award-winning clear vodka in a limited-edition bottle to launch their 30th anniversary celebration. Same classic vodka; modern new look.

“The limited-edition bottle celebrates that our clear vodka is as exciting in the market as it was when we released it 11 years ago,” says Marko Karakasevic, Charbay’s 13th generation Master Distiller.

“My congratulations to Charbay,” says Dushan Zaric, founder of NYC’s Employees Only & Macao and one of America’s leading national bartenders. “After working as a bartender during this decade of new vodka brands, I’d say Charbay Clear Vodka is a hands-down benchmark.” (Employees Only has carried Charbay Clear since it opened in 2004 –  and featured it as their only clear vodka for several years.)

Surprisingly, Charbay Clear Vodka ‘came to be’ rather reluctantly  – after years of requests from consumers who liked the distinct smoothness of Charbay’s flavored vodkas.

At the time, father and son distillers, Miles and Marko Karakasevic, were focused on sourcing and extracting ingredients such as whole leaf green tea and fresh blood oranges to create the flavors for their vodka collection: they created Charbay’s ‘unflavored’ vodka to use as their ultra-smooth base. (Miles, a Grand Master Distiller who carries on his family’s artisan heritage from Yugoslavia, continues to think of his spirits as perfumes.)

At Marko’s insistence, Charbay released their clear vodka in 2002. It was quickly recognized by critics and bartenders as a classic. Over the years, it has received ratings such as  #1 Vodka in the World by Spirit Journal (two years in a row), ‘Vodka of the Year’ by Food & Wine magazine, and ‘100 points’ from Wine Enthusiast.

Charbay Clear Vodka can be found at prominent international accounts such as Aman Resorts, Auberge Resorts, and Four Seasons Resorts.

California Suggested Retail: $36.00/750 ML

Charbay Clear Vodka Key Features:
– Distilled once through a four-column still to 192 proof for purity
– Grains: American corn and rye
– Proprietary water technology for ultra-softness
– Barely filtered to preserve the vodka’s signature silky mouthfeel

Charbay Purity Statement:
Charbay has always been committed to producing a benchmark vodka without the industry tricks of filter agents (additives in the filter pads, such as glycerin, to affect the mouthfeel) and marketing claims that the physical configuration of a rectifying column still (translated into ‘how many times distilled’) can improve/affect the final product.

This year marks Charbay’s 30th anniversary of creating fine artisan spirits in North America .

About Charbay
Charbay is owned and operated by the Karakasevic family. Founder, 12th generation Winemaker & Grand Master Distiller Miles Karakasevic, and his son, Marko, the family’s 13th generation Master Distiller, produce award-winning small-batch spirits distilled in their classical Alambic Charentais Pot Still including whiskey, brandy, rum and grappa, along with whole, fresh-fruit flavored vodkas. The family also produces wines, aperitifs, liqueurs and ports made with selections of their 30-year-old library of brandies. Still House tours of their Napa valley winery are available by appointment. Call 707-963-9327.