Citadelle Gin Celebrates the Bartender with New US Retailer Case Card Program

Ars, France (September 16, 2013)Citadelle, the award winning French gin from Cognac Ferrand, has launched its first U.S. retailer case card program that celebrates the local bartender in five markets: Boston, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle. The Citadelle case cards, on display in local retail stores now, feature one bartender from each of the markets that has supported the brand’s success by showcasing exceptional Citadelle cocktails on their bar menus.

The five inaugural bartenders, cities and Citadelle cocktail featured are:

  • Joey Fredrickson from Society Lounge in Cleveland, OHBlood & Botanicals
  • John Gertsen from Drink in Boston, MADejeuner
  • Sean Hoard from The Teardrop Lounge in Portland, ORMixed Signals
  • Jim Romdall from Vessel in Seattle, WAThe Frog Prince
  • Nick Vitulli from The Famous in Los Angeles, CALive Young Die Fast

The case cards show a picture of the bartender and his cocktail along with the cocktail recipe on a yellow tear-off pad so customers can take the recipe with them and recreate the drink at home. Also included is the name of the bar and the bar’s website where each bartender works so that customers can visit the venue and experience the drink from the creator. At the bottom of each case card is the URL, a microsite designed specifically for this campaign which features a page for each city/bartender and includes the bartender’s picture and bio, his Citadelle cocktail recipe and a link to the establishment where he works.

“Our goal for this campaign was to promote the profession and the craft of bartenders to general consumers,” says Guillaume Lamy, Vice President Cognac Ferrand, North America Manager. “We wanted to communicate to shoppers the talent that goes into tending bar and making drinks by showcasing their hometown bartenders. By featuring Joey, John, Sean, Jim and Nick, it’s our way of giving back to the bartender community that has already given so much to build the success of our distillery. They are the tops in their field and we couldn’t be happier that they are featured in our first retailer program.”

Citadelle Gin is elegant, soft and smooth on the palate, with a long aftertaste that expresses its aromatic complexity to the fullest. The purity and subtle flavor of Citadelle Gin make it an ideal spirit for many popular cocktails. At 44% alcohol by volume (88 proof), Citadelle achieves the perfect balance between intensity and finesse.


Citadelle Gin is available in the United States, Europe (U.K., Spain, Italy, Germany), Asia (Japan, Malaysia, Thailand) and Canada.  Citadelle Gin and barrel-aged vintage Citadelle Gin Reserve are imported to the U.S. by Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, Ltd. For more information, visit and