Dietary Supplement News Praises Icelandic Glacier Water

BOCA RATON — Dietary Supplement News (DSN) said the Icelandic glacier water SNO(TM) has earned its highest G4 rating not so much for what it has, but for what it lacks–nitrates.

DSN said SNO containing zero nitrates was found to be the purest among all bottled waters tested as opposed to many of the leading bottled spring waters, which contain various levels of nitrates. SNO is naturally filtered through layers of volcanic lava rock, giving it the purity, natural balance and crisp clean refreshing taste.

“If nitrates are one supplement you’d rather do without in your drinking water, you might consider licking a 20,000-year-old Icelandic glacier or just picking up a six-pack of SNO, the ultimate pure water that comes from an Icelandic glacier,” said DSN editor Adrienne Mazzone.

While it’s important to your health to drink lots of water, DSN along with a growing number of nutritionists, scientists and environmentalists are noticing that most bottled spring water contains rising levels of nitrates.

‘SNO(TM)’ doesn’t come from below ground like spring water, but from a 20,000-year old Icelandic glacier, said Mazzone, so it’s the cleanest, purest water from a pristine source and an unpolluted, pre-historic time. Currently it’s sold in the UK and places like Dubai and fine hotels and restaurants in Europe and stores like Harrods, and should be on supermarket shelves in the U.S. by late December, she said.

Being a Glacier Water sourced from above the ground, SNO therefore cannot be contaminated by fertilizer run-off from farm-land into underground aquifers contaminating the water source. There is evidence that High Nitrate concentrations in infants can be deadly and may cause what’s known as Blue Baby Syndrome.

According to DSN, SNO has a pH 7.4, TDS 52 (neutral); is a “structured” water, high in Oxygen, safe for infants and is sustainable, green, CarbonNeutral(R).

SNO has a near-perfect, body-neutral pH level of 7.4 to help the body reach and maintain a state of equilibrium (a neutral pH).

Drinking SNO regularly may help reduce risk of diseases that can be brought about by an unbalanced pH level and with its high oxygen content (13.3 mg/L with DO of 111.1% at 7.8degC), it can quickly add extra oxygen to the blood.