Evian Redesigns Bottle for the First Time in 14 Years

Evian's new bottle

With fast-rising competitors marketing their bottles as an embodiment of sleekness and modernity, Evian felt the need for a change.

For the first time in 14 years, the naturally-filtered water brand has updated its bottle design. Evian, which is owned by the French food and beverage company Danone, has traded the contoured bottle for a smoother surface. The new bottle will debut in the U.S. in June with 330 mL and 500 mL sizes, and an advertising campaign is set for July. The news was first reported by The Associated Press (AP).

Evian’s decision to revamp the bottle was spurred by other high-end bottled water brands such as Voss and FIJI. These companies, which are known for their luxury-inspired, stylish packages, have gained market share at the expense of Evian.

According to SymphonyIRI, a Chicago-based market research firm, dollar sales of Evian dollar sales increased by just 1.55 percent over the past 52 weeks ending on Jan. 27 in the multi-outlet channel, which includes convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores, mass market retailers, gas stations, military commissaries and select club and dollar chains. Meanwhile, dollar sales of Voss leaped by nearly 91 percent in the those retail channels over the same period of time.

“What the other waters did was put pressure on us to contemporize Evian,” Eric O’Toole, president of Danone Waters North America, said in the AP story. “We realized that our bottle had become a little bit old and dated.”

The bottle makeover further establishes that style matters in the bottled water category. In a recent article in BevNET Magazine, Ken Gilbert, the chief marketing officer of Voss, said that his company’s slender, glass bottle (which can also be found in plastic) allows consumers to instantly recognize the brand and associate the water with a luxurious lifestyle.

“There are companies who would kill to have an iconic bottle that’s recognized around the world,” Gilbert said.

Evian also has international plans for the new packaging. Japan and Canada will receive the new bottles at the end of the summer, while the arrival of the new bottles in Europe has yet to be announced, according to the AP.