Goodbelly Goes Black, Adds Gluten-Free Varieties

As rising waves of demand attract new entrants into the probiotic beverage category, GoodBelly recently made a few significant moves to stand out from the crowd.

After a highly successful test launch of new black-colored packaging for its line of single-serve shot products, Goodbelly has introduced a revamped look for its entire line of ready-to-drink beverages. Goodbelly’s quart-sized probiotic drinks now feature jet black cartons as well as retooled labeling that the company expects to have a dynamic impact on sales for the brand. Goodbelly also recently unveiled a gluten-free sub-line and a new carrot/ginger flavor.

GoodBelly launched the transition to black packaging for its shot line about nine months ago, and Todd Beckman, co-founder and COO, said that the change propelled an eight-fold increase in sales of the products. The new look offered a premium look that stood out on the shelf among competing brands, Beckman said, and noted that the move to black for its quart sizes would offer a “powerful block” on the shelf for GoodBelly.

The new packages also more prominently display the word “probiotics” and play down messaging of “digestive health.” Beckman cited rising awareness and understanding about probiotic beverages, particularly as they relate to the benefits of the products, as reasons for the shift in branding.

Unlike its other products, GoodBelly’s new gluten-free offerings are made with a unique oat and contain no barley. Certified gluten-free by NSF International and non-GMO verified, the drinks are currently made with some non-organic ingredients, but Beckman said that once GoodBelly can source an organic version of the oats that it uses for the products, the company will adjust the formulation.

Goodbelly’s gluten-free flavors are differentiated by green caps and include Tropical Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Coconut Water, and a new Carrot Ginger variety, which is the first probiotic vegetable juice on the market, according to Beckman. The Carrot Ginger flavor will launch next week in a three-month exclusive with Whole Foods. Beckman said that the company will support the introduction with heavy demos and a new marketing initiative focused on social media.