Hydrive Gets a Makeover, Relaunched as an “Energy Water”

Nine months after its acquisition of  Hydrive Energy, Austin, Texas-based Big Red has revamped and relaunched the brand. Now marketed as an “energy water,” Hydrive follows in the footsteps of Rockstar, which introduced an energy water line last year.

In addition to the shift in positioning, Hydrive also features a new logo and label, as well as a formula refresh that Big Red describes as homing in on “the line’s core goal of smart energy.” The non-carbonated drinks are formulated with caffeine, vitamins and nutrients and packaged in slim 15.5 oz. PET bottles with each containing 30 calories per bottle.

As with the previous version of the brand, each Hydrive flavor is linked to a specific functional benefit, such as its black cherry flavor which comes with an “Extra Power” function and a citrus flavor that is marketed as the brand’s “Vitamin” formula.

With a new tagline of “Energy Done Better,” Hydrive has rolled-out nationwide in Wal-Mart, as well as a range grocery and convenience stores across the country. The company will introduce Hydrive sampling programs in Austin, Texas, Boston, Mass., Denver, Colo. and Petaluma, Calif.

“Armed with the Big Red marketing muscle and national distributors, we’re looking for Hydrive Energy Water to make a splash in a big way,” Thomas Oh, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Big Red said in a statement. “It fills a definite void in the market for the health-conscious consumer looking for a caffeine boost without the chemical aftertaste and energy crash.”

Big Red acquired Hydrive Energy in November 2012, and in addition to its flagship red soda, markets several other beverage brands including Thomas Kemper — which the company acquired in October 2011 — All Sport and SANS Soda.