Karma Tries for a Pure Play

Karma Water, best known as one of the leading mix-to-drink brands utilizing a cap that enables vitamins to be dispersed into a bottle of water, has launched a new alkaline water product.

The public’s first glimpse of the 25 oz. bottle of pure, electrolyte-enhanced water, is expected to be during the upcoming NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) Show in Atlanta.

C.J. Rapp

Called K20, the product will be offered in all 23 states where Karma is sold; it will also be rolled out across Canada via the brand’s distributor, Lassonde, according to the brand’s co-founder, C.J. Rapp.

Rapp believes there is space in the mid-to-high-end part of the category, where Coke’s Smartwater has thrived. Other companies, like Essentia, Karma rival Activate, and Aquahydrate have tried to flank the brand through the promise of high alkalinity, a feature that is currently resonating with consumers.

“Smartwater pounded [the category],” Rapp said. “We can’t deny we aren’t influenced by them. But it’s a footrace to establish second place.”

While Karma is known for cap activation, according to Rapp “Karma Wellness Water is, at core, about wellness. We felt this was very consistent with the Karma brand imagery and attitude.”