LIVE Kombucha Soda to Unveil New Branding Strategy

AUSTIN, Texas — LIVE Kombucha Soda, an Austin company that has recently hit the functional beverage market with a new spin on the ever popular drink. LIVE Soda began as one man’s mission to improve the health of his family by crafting a kombucha that tastes like soda. Trevor Ross made sure his kombucha went above and beyond industry standards of quality and probiotic content and used only the purest ingredients – always USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Fair-Trade, and 99% Raw Kombucha. Kombucha is a cultured beverage made from a living blend of bacteria and beneficial yeast. LIVE Soda’s booch is hand-crafted with the finest ingredients and combines all of the raw benefits you  except from the probiotic beverage. This elixir aids in digestion and detoxifies the liver while providing your body with good bacteria, enzymes, B-vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and organic acids.

The company is excited to announce and showcase their brand optimization at Expo East September 25-28 in Baltimore, MD. They will be revealing their new logo, label, crown and 8-pack box, as well as a variety of promotional materials. The driving force behind this brand optimization was to help establish their presence in the kombucha world. “The new branding is more relevant to a broader audience. Our previous branding spoke too much to the soda flavor profile and not enough to what our product actually is, raw Kombucha. We are not a soda with kombucha cultures, we are raw organic kombucha. LIVE Soda is a better tasting kombucha! Overall, our new branding allows us to reach a new and expanded consumer base. The optimized LIVE Soda Kombucha branding evokes the energy, importance and benefits of kombucha. We designed these for the shelf out to the consumer, so much of your marketing is off the shelf, we needed our product to pop and speak to what makes us different,” said Alicia Ward, Director of Marketing for LIVE Soda Kombucha. The brand optimization was completed by PTARMAK, an Austin-based designer that collaborates intensively with a handful of clients each year.

The company will be celebrating their one year anniversary and sharing the brand optimization with hundreds of thousands of consumers at one of the nation’s largest music festivals, Austin City Limits, next month. The brewed goodness is made and bottled in the company’s hometown and the SCOBY’S (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) are cared for by the best brew masters around. There are four delicious flavors to try. Sweet with a touch of spice, Pure Doctor packs a punch. It has delicious notes of sweet cherry, spicy clove, smooth caramel and deep molasses for lip-smacking flavor. Culture Cola takes classic flavor known the world over and brings it to you with authenticity that can’t be denied. Revive Rootbeer is creamy, bold and refreshingly smooth. The undertones of vanilla and bright sizzle of sassafras will take you back to a simpler time. Living Limon is bright and fruity for a perfectly balanced zest. Pleasantly sparkling, this citrusy beverage is perfect for a hot summer day, or any day, really. Try them all, we are sure you will find one you love!

About LIVE Soda Kombucha

LIVE Soda Kombucha is a better tasting kombucha. Our founder, Trevor Ross wanted his family to be healthy, particularly his father who was a soda addict—so he set out to brew a Kombucha that combines all of its raw benefits with the popular taste of soda…Mission Accomplished! LIVE Soda Kombucha products are sold through specialty gourmet and natural food stores, mainstream supermarket chains, retail stores nationwide. For more information on LIVE Soda Kombucha please visit: