MiO Gets Sporty in Time for Super Bowl

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Kraft is adding a sports-centric SKU to its fast-growing MiO line of liquid water enhancers.

MiO Fit, which was announced Tuesday in a press release, contains electrolytes, B vitamins and zero calories, and enables consumers to turn water into a sports drink. MiO Fit currently offers two flavors, Berry Blast and Arctic Grape, and is sold in two bottle sizes: 12 or 18 servings per bottle (along with 8 oz. of water per serving).

MiO had a strong first year, with more than $72 million in sales for the 52 weeks ending Dec. 2, according to SymphonyIRI.  A November story by Ad Age noted that MiO’s sales are on pace to at least double this year to more than $200 million. With such growth, MiO Fit could be an example of a thriving brand that hasn’t yet reached complacency.

Kraft Food Group, Inc., the company that produces MiO, is solidifying its faith by introducing MiO Fit to the public with a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl on Feb. 3. The ad, which was created by TAXI New York and directed by Martin Granger, will feature actor and comedian Tracy Morgan. The ad will initiate a national marketing campaign through digital and social media, public relations, sampling, and consumer incentives, beginning the week before the Super Bowl and continuing through March.

“With countless millions watching the big game, we couldn’t think of a better and more relevant way to introduce MiO Fit,” Doug Weekes, VP of refreshment beverages for Kraft, said in a release. “This new line of MiO introduces a world of change for sports drinks and we are so proud to debut it with our MiO Fit ‘Anthem’ commercial during Super Bowl XLVII.”

And what fun would it be if a CSD giant didn’t step in and offer its own take on the niche category? Coca-Cola noticed MiO’s wild success and this fall launched Dasani Drops, a similar product to MiO, promoted as a zero-calorie liquid beverage enhancer and offered in four flavors.

“Dasani Drops is the perfect solution for those who want to mix things up with a refreshing splash of flavor in their day,” John Roddey, VP of water, tea and coffee for Coca-Cola North America, said in the aforementioned Ad Age story.

While the Super Bowl ad will unveil MiO Fit, Kraft has already heavily promoted MiO products through advertising. According to Kantar Media, Kraft spent $27.4 million in “measured media” on MiO in 2011. One ad, featured in magazines like Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone, instructed readers to dip the ad in water and watch it change colors from white to black. By doing so, words appear that boast MiO’s water-changing capabilities. Becky McAninch, MiO’s marketing director, called it the first “submersible print ad.”