New York Spring Water Launches Kids Functional Beverage

NEW YORK, N.Y. — New York Spring Water is pleased to announce the launch of Vbee!, a functional beverage line for kids. Using the New York Spring Water patented twist cap technology, VBee! blends pure, natural New York Spring Water with essential vitamins to create a healthy, fun hydration experience for your child.

“We’re thrilled to deliver a kids line with the same attention to health and nutrition as all of our other New York Spring Water products,” said Luke Zakka, Vice President of Operations. “We are constantly working to evolve our brand and know that there is nothing else like VBee! on the market.

The VBee! vitamin formula is fortified with Vitamin D and Calcium and includes Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12. Youngsters will love the vibrant, interactive Vitamin Infusion Cap as they release the colorful burst of fresh liquid vitamins and flavor with a simple twist. In addition to making hydration more fun, the Vitamin Infusion Cap keeps the vitamins 100% potent for at least a year.

VBee! is available in Watermelon, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry, and is a zero calorie beverage. VBee! blasts into retailers throughout the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast with a suggested retail price of $0.99 per bottle.

About New York Spring Water Beverage Brands Inc.

Based in the Catskill Mountain Region of upstate New York, New York Spring Water Beverage Brand Inc. (NYSW) is a family-owned brand that delivers innovative and functional products made with some of the purest water on earth. NYSW was founded with the uncompromising belief that nothing can beat the quality of products that begin with pure and natural spring water.

NYSW’s functional portfolio includes the VBlast! line that delivers simple and healthy vitamin and mineral formulas through innovative technology, the VBee! multi-vitamin water line for kids, and Aqua84, an enhanced alkaline water product with a pH of 9 and 84 essential minerals.