PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur Announces Three Winners of Its BAR 5-Day Scholarships for 2013

Chad Arnholt, Joy Richard and Pamela Wiznitzer to Attend the World’s Most Intensive Spirits/Mixology Education Immersion, Courtesy of PAMA

NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur, the original, all-natural pomegranate liqueur, today announces the winners of its BAR 5-Day Scholarships for 2013.  BAR, which stands for Beverage Alcohol Resource, is considered the world’s most pre-eminent and rigorous spirits and mixology education program.  The three BAR scholars areChad Arnholt (Trick Dog, San Francisco), Joy Richard (Citizen Public House/Franklin Restaurant Group, Boston) and Pamela Wiznitzer (The Dead Rabbit, New York).  Each will receive a full scholarship for the BAR 5-Day Program that will be held in New York on September 23-27, 2013.

BAR’s classes are taught by top spirits and cocktail luminaries: Paul Pacult, Dale DeGroff, Doug Frost, David Wondrich, Steve Olson and Andy Seymour.  The scholarships were awarded on the basis of essays submitted by aspiring bartenders to PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur that expressed their desire to attend BAR and how it would help empower their careers.

“By assisting PAMA’s BAR 5-Day Scholarship winners in attending the world’s most intense and comprehensive training program, PAMA has afforded them a meaningful opportunity to raise their spirits and cocktail acumen to a significantly higher level,” says Pacult, a founding faculty member of BAR.  “We welcome their participation.  At the same time, we salute our friends at PAMA for making this happen for them.”

“As a company that is committed to giving back to the bartending community and nurturing its emerging talent, PAMA is very excited to support these ambitious bartenders in obtaining advanced knowledge and skills in a way that only BAR can provide,” says Brittany Capito, PAMA Brand Manager, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.  “The scholarship recipients will make a great addition to BAR’s alumni group and we look forward to their impact on the industry in the coming years.”

BAR Scholarship Winner Chad Arnholt (Trick Dog, San Francisco)

“I come from an academic background, so a passion for continual learning is in my DNA,” says Arnholt.  “The 5-Day is the next big step for me to take and I’m grateful for PAMA’s generous support.  Beverage education is something I take very seriously and this program is the standard bearer.  With great hope and hard work, it will accelerate my development in a profession I love dearly.”

BAR Scholarship Winner Joy Richard (Citizen Public House/Franklin Restaurant Group, Boston)

“I could not have undertaken this career-enhancing step without PAMA,” says Richard.  “I have been traveling extensively over the last year to learn as much as possible about distillation, and have been jumping behind other bars around the country to gain perspective on different ways to operate bars, use of space, training staff, and understanding how regional taste effects cocktail lists.  This is my passion and I hope to have the opportunity to learn so much more by taking the BAR 5-Day.”

BAR Scholarship Winner Pamela Wiznitzer (The Dead Rabbit, New York)

“Thanks to PAMA, I will be able to use the BAR 5-Day towards the completion of my Master’s degree at New York University as an accredited course,” says Wiznitzer.  “In addition, it will complement my training as a bartender at The Dead Rabbit and allow me to be a more integral member of our staff when it comes to trainings and speaking about the products.  It’s very inspiring to see brands so committed to helping professionals in our line of work achieve their goals and PAMA has always been and continues to be a brand that stands behind the bartender not only with a fantastic product to use, but also with an ethos to support the future of our industry.”

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