Ranger Creek Releases New Whiskey Born From Belgian Beer

SAN ANTONIO, TX, September 19, 2013 – In the fall of 2010 the guys at Ranger Creek were installing the equipment at their brewstillery and anxiously waiting to sell their first keg of beer.  They had brewed a batch of Belgian beer that couldn’t be sold because they were waiting for government paperwork.  On the distillery side, they needed to run something through their still in order to test it.  So they looked at the beer and decided to distill it.   The end result surprised them by how interesting and unique it was.  Three years later they are releasing this happy accident to the public.

As a combined brewery/distillery, Ranger Creek is fascinated by the relationship between beer and whiskey.  They are also committed to finding answers to crazy questions like “How does a Belgian beer taste when distilled into a whiskey?“  The resulting spirit is something that could only be created at a brewstillery, and it’s so unique that Ranger Creek had to create a new term to accurately describe it: Belgian White Whiskey.

The new whiskey is the evil twin of the beer.  While the beer is named La Bestia Aimable (The Friendly Beast), the whiskey is called La Bestia Defavorable (The Unfriendly Beast).  The packaging showcases the relationship.  The whiskey was put in a 750 ml amber glass beer bottle with a beer crown finish and a swing top to reseal it.  When placed next to its twin brother the relationship is apparent.

La Bestia Defavorable will be available in Texas only.  The recommended retail price is $32.99/750 ml bottle at Spec’s and other fine spirits retailers across the state.  Bottles are available for purchase for $25.00 when visiting Ranger Creek’s brewstillery in San Antonio. Less than 500 cases of Ranger Creek La Bestia Defavorable will be released, so whiskey enthusiasts are encouraged to buy bottles while they last.

Release events will commence in Ranger Creek’s hometown of San Antonio on Thursday, September 19 with a release party at The Brooklynite, featuring two special cocktails prepared with the new whiskey.  Bottles will be available on retail shelves starting on Friday, September 20.