Zico Puts Some ‘Oomph’ Into National Ad Campaign

Under the wing of the Coca Cola Co., its majority stakeholder as of about one year ago, coconut water company Zico has launched a national advertising campaign, according to Ad Week.

Zico will spend between $2 million and $5 million on the campaign, which was produced by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, an ad agency based in Sausalito, Calif., and will include a series of television, online and outdoor advertisements in major markets including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta.

The ad campaign centers around the slogan “put some oomph in it” as a way to promote Zico’s energizing qualities. A sampling of the TV ads include a baseball coach wearing too-tight yoga pants, a mud-covered man, a spoon-waving grandmother and a fitness-centric woman with a European accent.

“Life is only hard when your muscles are not,” says the woman while lifting dumbbells.

The campaign follows Zico’s release of 1.5 L Tetra Parks, a size that Bill Lange, Zico’s V.P. of marketing, said would position the company’s products in grocery coolers among other future consumption offerings, such as the premium juice category. Zico also recently released a reformulated Latte flavor and an 8 oz. Tetra Pak of its chocolate flavor, which will be packaged in a 4-pack.

Coke first invested in Zico in 2009 and purchased a majority stake in April 2012, enabling the coconut water brand greater ability to enter mainstream markets via the cola giant’s powerful bottling and distribution system and reach a stage where it’s capable of running this kind of national advertising campaign.