Albert’s Organics to Distribute COGO on East Coast

COGO Coconut Milk SmoothiesMONTREAL — Soyummi Foods, the creators of COGO, is happy to announce that Albert’s Organics is now distributing their coconut milk smoothies to natural and independent retail customers all along the Eastern US coast. They will also offer this USDA Organic, grab’n go beverage line to some food service locations, but in keeping with their sales strategy, the focus will be on retailers for the time being.

Before Albert’s Organics agreed to come on board, the distribution of COGO was limited to the New England area with special emphasis on retailers and food service locations in New Hampshire and Vermont, where it’s manufactured. While COGO has had success in New England, Hans Black, Soyummi’s CEO, notes that this deal is big news: “We’ve done well in New England, but now that COGO is shipping to natural and independent retailers all along the East coast, we expect to increase our brand exposure and awareness with health conscious, convenience driven, and alt-dairy consumers in a big way.”

COGO Coconut Milk Smoothies are a USDA organic blend of coconut milk, quinoa, millet, a natural source of dietary fiber called inulin, and functional ingredients that vary by flavor. Currently available in Vanilla Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Cappuccino, Chai, Mango, and Strawberry, there’s sure to be at least one – if not several – flavors for all health-conscious people who want a convenient, grab ‘n go beverage to replace a meal, as a pre- or post-workout energizer, or as snack whenever and wherever they want it.

For additional information about this product for retail or publicity purposes, please contact:

Melissa Montovani

Marketing & Customer Relations Director