Belvoir Fruit Farms Launches Two New Flavors at The Fresh Market

belvoir ginger, pomBELVOIR FRUITS FARMS, the lovely range of Naturally Delicious Lemonades and Cordials from the UK, will be launching at The Fresh Market nationwide two new flavors in its beautiful 8.4 fl oz handcrafted glass bottle. Our new selected flavors: Belvoir Organic Ginger Beer and Belvoir Pomegranate & Raspberry will complete our Elderflower core range. Belvoir Delicious drinks will refresh you all summer!

Relying on its Elderflower expertise, Belvoir Fruit Farms successfully started with The Fresh Market in December 2012. Since then, the specialty grocery retailer, with 157 stores in 26 states across the nation, continues to support the brands in its line extension.

Belvoir Fruit Farms nestles deep in the English countryside in the idyllic Vale of Belvoir, famous for its beautiful Castle estate where the family farm is located. It was just a fruit farm until Mary Manners, the wife of our founder Lord John Manners started infusing elderflowers and pressing the fruits grown on the farm. Since then, Belvoir has carried on the same infusing, pressing and cooking of fresh flowers, fruits and spices, which are then blended with local spring water. Over the years, the family owned company that produces Belvoir drinks since 1981 has extended its beverage range and exports them all around the world.

100% Natural 100% Good – Belvoir Fruit Farms Lemonades are made using only the finest ingredients. No artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives so they taste real, just like homemade. They are also Gluten free, GMO free and Vegan. Naturally delicious, they made a refreshing alternative to the traditional soft drink offering and a wonderful mixer for cocktails.

ORGANIC GINGER BEER – With our Organic Ginger Beer you will discover the real fiery taste of ginger. It is made from a traditional recipe, with fresh organic ginger root, organic lemon juice and blended with lightly sparkling Belvoir spring water. It contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, and is naturally refreshing when served chilled over ice. Mixed with vodka, it makes the best Moscow Mule you’ve ever tasted! – (Launch in June 2014).

POMEGRANATE & RASPBERRY – A wonderfully soft and fruity blend of delicious pomegranate and raspberry juices mixed with our Belvoir spring water. Only using real juice fruits, it tastes gentle, refreshing and real. Pomegranate juice has been found to be incredibly high in anti-oxidants which help fight heart disease. A fruity taste for the summer! – (Launch in September 2014).

Brands Within Reach, the distributor responsible for delivering Belvoir Fruit Farms products in the U.S. is excited to bring two new flavors to its consumers.

In addition to The Fresh Market, Belvoir Fruit Farms beverages are available at Whole Foods Market in the New York and Mid-Atlantic region, specialty gourmet stores (Fairway Market, Gourmet Garage in New York City) and high-end restaurants, cafes and hotels all over the USA. Readers can learn more about Belvoir Fruit Farms USA by joining our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram community!