Cogo Available at Central Markets in Texas

MONTREAL — After being featured on the shelves in the northeastern US for some time, COGO Coconut Milk Smoothies have branched out to Texas at Central Markets. Consumers in Austin, Dallas, Forth Worth, Houston, Plano, San Antonio, and Southlake can now go to their local store and choose between the Dark Chocolate, Chai, Mango, and Strawberry varieties. The Soyummi team is certain that once they try one flavor of COGO, they’ll want to sample them all.

cogo 480

When asked about how these new placements came about, Roy Barros, Soyummi’s Sales Director, said the following: “Central Markets has been selling Soyummi Puddings for a few years now, and when our sales team spoke with them about COGO, they were very enthusiastic about being the first grocery chain in the Texas market to sell our coconut milk smoothies.” By reaching out to US retailers with which Soyummi Foods has already developed a positive relationship, COGO Coconut Milk Smoothies are sure to strengthen our relationship with Central Markets and other retailers going forward.

COGO Coconut Milk Smoothies are a USDA organic blend of coconut milk, quinoa, millet, a natural source of dietary fiber called inulin, and functional ingredients that vary by flavor. Currently available in Vanilla Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Cappuccino, Chai, Mango, and Strawberry, there’s sure to be at least one – if not several – flavors for health-conscious people who want a convenient, grab ‘n go beverage to replace a meal, as a pre- or post-workout energizer, or as a snack whenever and wherever they want it.

For additional information about this product for retail or publicity purposes, please contact:

Melissa Montovani
Marketing & Customer Relations Director