Distribution Roundup: Coca-Cola Freestyle Secures Placement in all Wawa Stores

Coke Freestyle MachineBeverage companies big and small have reached agreements to broaden their distribution across several channels, including grocery, convenience, club and online. Here’s the latest in distribution news:

Coca-Cola Freestyle will be introduced to all of Wawa Inc.’s 670 convenience store/ gas station locations along the East Coast. The touch screen soda fountain machines carry over 100 different Coca-Cola drink products and are expected to be rolled out to all Wawa’s locations by May, 2015.

In other cola news, Chattanooga-based Double Cola Company expanded its distribution in its home state of Tennessee last month. The company partnering with Budweiser of Cookeville to distribute Double Cola’s product line in the Cookeville, Tenn. area and 11 surrounding counties. In addition to its flagship product, Budweiser of Cookeville will also distribute Ski, Double-Dry ginger ale, Jumbo and MINOKU coconut water beverages.

True Drinks, Inc. is focused on further penetration of its AquaBall flavored water in the club channel, based on recent successes in Sam’s Club. In a company press release, Lance Leonard, CEO of True Drinks, said, “Our goal is to gain permanent distribution in over 600 club [stores] in the US in 2015.”


  • Eight hundred 7-Eleven locations in California are now authorized to carry FOCO PURE coconut water. The brand will be delivered to 7-Eleven locations via Gourmet Purveyors and Plus One Distributors.
  • ‘tude Juice has entered the rapidly growing online grocery market and will now be available through FreshDirect, according to a company statement. FreshDirect will deliver ‘tude’s line of HPP juices throughout the Tri-State area.
  • OJO fortified eye nectar has secured placements in Texas HEB stores, where it will be featured in the vitamin section, alongside other eye health vitamins, as opposed to the beverage aisle. HEB operates 350 stores in Texas and Mexico.
  • Celsius Holdings, Inc. will be launching its Celsius product line in the Brazilian market, thanks to a new partnership with LATCO Beverages. Gerry David, CEO of Celsius Holdings, said the company plans on showcasing Celsius prominently at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.