Distribution Roundup: Sprouts to Stock POWERCOCO

powercocoWhile some in the beverage industry have questioned coconut water’s room for growth beyond its initial surge, distribution news tells us that a significant portion of the industry still believes there’s more to be had.

The Double Cola Company recently debuted MINŌKU Coconut Water and landed a distribution deal with Nature’s Best. Pulse Beverage Corporation, known for its line of Cabana lemonades, also introduced its take on coconut water and will feature the product at Fred Meyer. Zola and Vita Coco both recently introduced coconut waters with lemonade.

Count Sprouts Farmers Market among those who believe in more growth for the category. On April 4, POWERCOCO announced that its coconut water products will be available at the good-for-you retailer.

While a brand like Zola seems to emphasize the idea of a drinkable escape, POWERCOCO follows more in the vein of Zico, marketing an electrolyte-packed beverage for athletes. The brand proudly names Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks as a lead investor.  Maybe new Knicks president Phil Jackson will get in on the action as well?

“Sprouts is extremely selective with new products and POWERCOCO matches up well with the high expectations of Sprouts shoppers,” Tyler Beuerlein, the brand’s founder and managing partner, said in a release. “The demand for a low sugar, natural, premium sports drink continues to grow and we’re looking forward to working with such a great partner.”

Another product marketed as a premium sports drink, ROAR, doesn’t have coconut water, but it does have distribution news. ROAR announced Thursday that its products will now be available in all 12 Fairway Markets in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

“I grew up shopping at Fairway with my parents,” Roly Nesi, CEO of ROAR, said in a release. “To see ROAR on the shelf in a such a great community oriented chain is pretty cool.”

Also from New York is Frava, which announced Thursday that it has expanded distribution to the Midwest by landing shelf placements in more than 470 Holiday Station stores. To support this distribution that more than doubles Frava’s retail footprint, the company launched an indiegogo campaign to raise $24,000 for production.

“A few months ago we were a couple of kids with backpacks stuffed with caffeinated fruit juice and sample cups, and now one of the largest convenience store chains in the country is bringing us on,” Alex Portin, Frava CMO, said in a release. “No product, regardless of how disruptive it is, can sell itself. If our loyal fans can help us fulfill this order, we can then shift our focus towards building brand awareness and ultimately driving sales.”

Other distribution news:

  • Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, and New York, XL Energy announced Thursday that its line of energy drinks will be available at more than 100 Albertsons stores in Washington, Oregon and Idaho for a suggested retail price of $1.29.

  • On Wednesday, Vita Coco announced that it will be sold at Target as a part of the retailer’s push toward healthier products with its “Made to Matter — Hand-picked by Target” program.

  • Coinciding with the closing of its second financing round, Runa announced Tuesday that it six of its SKUs will enter Safeway stores across the U.S. and that it would be distributed by Polar Beverages in the Northeast and by New Age Beverages in Colorado.

  • Boundary Water Brands, which markets Joia, and Found Beverage Co., told BevNET that its products will be distributed in New York City’s five boroughs and the surrounding metro area via Harney & Sons.