Frava to Expand in the Midwest

fravaNEW YORK — Frava (#frava), the world’s first naturally caffeinated fruit juice (#fruitjuice), today announced it is bringing its delicious, energy-boosting fruit juices to over 470 Holiday Station stores in the Midwest. To support the move, Frava is launching an indiegogo (#indiegogo) campaign ( to raise the $24,000USD needed to support producing the product for this initial order, which will more than doubles Frava’s retail footprint.

For those looking for energy-boosting alternatives to the taste or temperature of coffee and the synthetic ingredients and crash of energy drinks, Frava is the ultimate choice. Its energy boost comes from natural caffeine infused from green coffee beans, which provides 200 mg of caffeine per bottle. Comprised of 40 percent fruit juice, Frava has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and is rich in Vitamin C. Available in four flavors – Cranberry Orange, Peach Mango, Pomegranate Acai, and Pineapple Orange, Frava drinks retail for $2.50USD.

Launched in January 2013, Frava adopted a unique distribution philosophy focused on securing a foothold in Manhattan and Long Island. By April 2013, Frava signed a distribution deal with one of the fastest growing distributors throughout New York and New Jersey, and today, Frava is available in 400 retailers & offices across the region. Through its deal with Bernick’s Beverage and Vending, a Pepsi/Miller Coors and specialty beverages distributor servicing Minnesota and Wisconsin, Frava will more than double its retail footprint by rolling out in all 470 Holiday Station stores in the Midwest.

“A few months ago we were a couple kids with backpacks stuffed with caffeinated fruit juice and sample cups, and now one of the largest convenience store chains in the country is bringing us on,” said Frava CMO, Alex Portin. He continued, “No product, regardless of how disruptive it is, can sell itself. If our loyal fans can help us fulfill this order, we can then shift our focus towards building brand awareness and ultimately driving sales.”

Evan Berman, Frava’s founder and CEO, noted: “Unfortunately, it’s a pay-to-play business and it’s expected that we supply each of the stores with free product. For a company like us that has bootstrapped everything up until this point, it doesn’t just pose a challenge, but a serious risk.”

Indiegogo Details and Availability

Frava is seeking $24,000 in contributions to produce product needed to fulfill its order from Holiday Station Stores. For the $15 “Friends with Benefits” pledge, contributors will receive one four-pack of Frava delivered to their door plus 10 percent off online orders for a year. For the $35 “The Myth” pledge, contributors will receive two four packs, a coveted “0 Preservatives” T-shirt and 15 percent off online orders for a year. For the $75 “The Distributor” pledge, contributors will receive two cases (24 bottles), a four pack for a friend, two “0 Preservatives” T-shirts, 25 percent off online orders for a year and a deciding vote on forthcoming flavors. Check out the Frava Indiegogo campaign at ( for all rewards and details.

About Frava

Like many of their peers, three undergraduates at Colgate University found themselves sleep deprived and running out of gas midway through Finals Week. It was too hot outside for coffee and the ingredients list on energy drinks left them with more questions than their econometrics textbook. What they needed was something as refreshing and nutritious as it was functional. Then and there, Frava was born. Launched in January of 2013, Frava is the first drink to harmonize the refreshing taste and nutritious benefits of fruit juice with the natural caffeine boost from green coffee beans. Frava is currently available in retailers and offices across the Greater Metropolitan New York area. For more information, visit