Hangover Joe’s to Feature Git-R-Done Energy at NACS

GIT-R-DONE- SHOTDENVER —Hangover Joe’s Holding Corporation. (OTCQB: HJOE) The maker of “The Hangover” Recovery Shot and developers of an innovative state of the art proprietary Git­R­Done­Energy Shot with Git­R­Done Productions, Inc. and Larry the Cable Guy, announced yesterday its plans to share booth 406 at the upcoming National Convenience Store Convention from October 7 to 10, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Matthew Veal, CEO of Hangover Joe’s Inc., stated, “The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show is the Super Bowl of convenience store trade shows. We are looking forward to showing the c­store industry the newest hottest selling item in the energy drink category for convenience stores, the new Git­R­Done­Energy shot featuring Larry The Cable Guy. This is an energy shot that is totally different in design and function from what the market has seen before. Both retailers and consumers are looking for healthy choices in energy drinks with all the problems that have come about from too much sugar and caffeine in energy drinks. Git­R­Done­Energy is a healthy choice and the next generation of energy drink being that it is an energy shot and yet a health and wellness drink. What makes this shot different is it’s the first energy drink powered with Astaxanthin, the world’s most powerful antioxidant, which helps increase energy by protecting mitochondria in which food is turned into energy. Historically we have done very well with our Hangover Joes Get Up N Go Hangover Recovery Shot at this show and believe we will also do the same with our new Git­R­Done Energy Shot. In our Company’s history, we have found our most success in the convenience store area to date. The Show is predicted to have thousands and thousands of attendees to cover an industry with more than 150,000 stores not including the additional thousands of bodega type convenience stores there are in the U.S. This should make the huge growth potential our company has very easy to see for anyone looking at our company.”

Shawn Adamson, Vice President of Marketing added “We believe this is the single biggest thing we can do towards achieving our remaining goals in calendar year 2014. As part of our arrangement to attend, we are entering into a new arrangement with our co­exhibitor that should also assist us domestically and internationally. Our number one priority is to increase our advertising efforts and trade show presences in the coming twelve months to increase sales. It’s all about counters and turns and if we continue to do our job and land on more counters and create more turns then we are going to do very well with this company and grow revenue and stock price. The more we can sell, the more we can advertise, which in turn can increase our sales even more. There really is no other show like the NACS show as it puts buyers and sellers together plus it exposes our brands and products to national chains and distributors as well as Mom & Pops. It really is the perfect place to launch a new brand such as ours.”

Mike Jaynes, Chairman in his comments, reminded “NACS membership not only represents the bulk of the largest convenience store chains but has 70% of its membership with stores that are 10 stores or less. We feel strongly that the company is moving in the right direction and we are posed to Git­R­Done for HJOE. Energy drinks are now the fastest ­growing segment of the beverage market, and the timing is perfect for our brand to be shown in the NACS show. It is what the market is looking for, a product that provides energy and is good for you too, what a plus. We will be in booth #618 in the candy section again this year. With more than 390,000 square feet of exhibit space, the NACS Show is also one of the country’s top 50 trade shows, according to the Trade Show News Network’s Top 250 Trade Shows in the United States. Year after year, this bustling showcase, including the Cool New Products Preview Room, is a launch pad for the future, with new innovations, products, services and other growth opportunities. We also will be showing The Hangover Recovery Shot as we continue to build its position in the market. So far both stores and consumers have embraced Git­R­Done­Energy. We are hoping to continue our success and bring the product to many more store counters this year and beyond. We look forward to building many new relationships as part of this show.”

About Hangover Joe’s Holding Corporation

Hangover Joe’s is the exclusive producer of “The Hangover” Recovery Shot, and one of the nation’s top selling anti­hangover recover drink & hangover recovery shot. Git­R­Done­Energy is an officially licensed product of Git­R­Done Productions, Inc and Larry the Cable Guy and is a healthy energy drink. Visit our website at www.GitRDoneEnergy.com and www.hangoverjoes.com https://www.facebook.com/GitRDoneEnergy https://www.facebook.com/hangoverrecovery and on twitter @GitRDoneEnergy. @TheHangoverShot

On July 25, 2012, Hangover Joe’s became a publicly traded company and is trading on the OTCBB as HJOE. For more information, visit www.hangoverjoes.com, or check us out on Facebook and YouTube.