In/Fusion Herbal Tea to Launch on Tax Day

in fusionNEW YORK — IN/FUSION, 100% organic iced herbal tea from France, will be launched in New-York in premium natural & organic outlets, on April 15th 2014.

In/Fusion is a new generation of French “tisane”, aka Herbal Tea, a real blast of freshness and well-being, and will be available shortly in select New-York’s premium outlets. In/Fusion is a natural beverage that is both stylish and tasty.
A 100% organic blend of rare plants, hand grown in the South of France and charged with healing virtues, mixed with fruit juices and natural spring water.

Nothing but nature – In/Fusion is like a homemade herbal tea, simply made of organic plants, organic fruits juice and water. No caffeine, no added sugar and no artificial elements are the characteristic of this refreshing and healthy beverage. Additionally, In/Fusion is GMO free, gluten free, dairy free, and therefore perfectly suitable for vegans.

The 11.1fl.oz containers are made of recyclable tetra paks and are easy to drink on the go and with a twist on cap. In/Fusion is also 100% USDA Organic.

In/Fusion packaging takes you on a tour of cities pioneering a new lifestyle in urban environment: nomadic, hedonistic and in fusion with Nature! Two flavors will be initially distributed in New-York: “Chill in Paris” & “Detox in Berlin”. Paris In/Fusion, made of peach, vervein (verbena) and lemon, celebrates the city timeless charm and natural elegance with a soothing beverage that will calm your spirit to better spark your senses and imagination. Berlin In/Fusion is a cleansing beverage, made of pomegranate, blackcurrant, blackcurrant leafs and peppermint that will free your body of its toxins, and your mind of prejudice.

The secret of In/Fusion relies on its premium rare plants cultivated with love in the South of France, in the Domain of Mazet, a venerable country house from the 18th century, hidden deep at the heart of the hilly Cevènnes forest, part of the UNESCO world heritage. An inspiring place, kept safe from the aggressions of the modern world, under which runs a natural source of pure water. All plants are harvested manually and cultivated in accordance with the principles of organic farming.

First introduced in France, In/Fusion is currently distributed in more than 650 outlets, in premium grocery shops, organic & natural chains, urban supermarkets, but also in organic restaurants, premium bars and hotels. The beverages are available at

Colette, and at the well-known Grande Epicerie de Paris, absolute temple of fine and high-quality food.

Brands Within Reach is managing the distribution of In/Fusion premium organic beverage in North America. In/Fusion beverages will be available in premium natural & organic outlets at an approximate retail price of $2.99.

You can learn more about In/Fusion organic iced herbal teas at