Jin+Ja Now Available at Fairway Markets in New York

Jin+Ja, the award winning, deliciously spicy elixir, is now available at all Fairway Markets throughout the greater New York area.  With the help of Gourmet Specialty International (GSI), a well-respected New York area broker, Jin+Ja was fast-tracked through UNFI distribution system to ensure that customers in the New York area could enjoy this powerful, spicy elixir to combat colds and the freezing weather this season.

Endowed with the medicinal properties of fresh ginger, cayenne pepper and green tea Jin+Ja’s powerful spicy profile is an ideal addition to both cocktails and refreshing drinks.

“Living a better life begins with better choices,” says Reuben Canada, CEO of Canada Enterprises and creator of Jin+Ja.  “It has been an honor offering Jin+Ja as a safe alternative for people looking for a healthy choice that isn’t boring or intimidating.  It has been a pleasure working with the folks at Fairway to bring Jin+Ja to their customers.”

“My first experience with Jin+Ja was a delightful one,” says Ian Pilarski, Director of Specialty Grocery at Fairway,I was blown away by the perfect harmony of ginger and green tea; which are two things that I adore.  For anyone looking for something healthy and more affordable than an overpriced raw juice, I highly recommend giving Jin+Ja a try.”

Jin+Ja is available in multi serve bottles in all Fairway Markets.

About Fairway Market

Fairway Market is a high-growth food retailer offering customers a differentiated one-stop shopping experience “Like No Other Market”. Fairway has established itself as a leading food retailing destination in the Greater New York City metropolitan area, with stores that emphasize an extensive selection of fresh, natural, and organic products, prepared foods, and hard-to-find specialty and gourmet offerings, along with a full assortment of conventional groceries. Fairway is headquartered in New York, New York.

For more information please contact Ian Pilarski ian.pilarski@fairwaymarket.com

About Canada Enterprises LLC 

Canada Enterprises LLC the holding company that owns Jin+Ja, the first product produced and distributed by Canada Enterprises. Jin+Ja is the recipient of the 2013 Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation Award for Outstanding Cold Beverage and the winner of the national advertising campaign contest of the Specialty Food Association, “Your Story, Your Ad.”  Jin+Ja is a deliciously spicy elixir made of fresh ginger, lemon, cayenne, mint and green as seen on the CBS nationally televised show, The Doctors.

For more information please contact Reuben Canada reuben@drinkjinja.com