Kolé Brain Function Drinks Now Available on Amazon

Life Foods (www.kolelifefoods.com) in partnership with Powerbrands.us is now selling its line of brain function beverages on Amazon.

“Adding to the availability created by our initial roll out in the Los Angeles area has been a high priority for the Kolé brand,” said the line’s designer and Life Foods chairman Professor Bankole Johnson. “Our beverages are already benefiting a large number of adults, from Millennials to Generation Xers to Boomers, from athletes to weekend warriors to the sedentary,” said Johnson, and “while we are working with traditional brick and mortar stores to bring Kolé brain function beverages to consumers we also wanted to make them available through Amazon so that consumers all across American can easily get the benefits of the drinks.

The beverages contain a unique and proprietary blend of nutrients, balanced in the right concentration to optimize brain functionality, that include vitamins, amino acids, and various cofactors to enhance specific feelings or states. The drinks that can be purchased through Amazon are: “ALIVE” to increase mental focus and alertness; “HAPPY” to enhance positive mood, and “DREAMS” to induce and maintain restful sleep as well as to alleviate jet lag. Kolé tonic drinks are scientifically-based, designed and developed to lead a new era in beverages designed to enhance critical functional states in the brain.

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Disclosures: These tonics have not been approved by the FDA as being capable of diagnosing, preventing, or treating any diseases or mental states. The manufacturers of Kole Tonics also make no claim that their beverages can treat or diagnose, prevent, or treat any mental conditions or diseases. Professor Bankole Johnson is the Chairman and Founder of both Life Foods LLc and ADial Pharmaceuticals LLc, with both of whom he also has a consulting relationship. Professor Johnson also has consulting relationships now or in the past with D&A Pharma, PEPCo LLc., Eli Lilly, OrthoMcneil, Transcept Pharmaceuticals, and Sanofi.